Brisbane Brow Specialists Top Hacks For Eyebrow Shaping

Top Hacks For Eyebrow Shaping

In this article, we discuss how to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape as well as some top tips for brow reshaping. 

In this article: 

  • Achieving the perfect brow shape
  • Top tips for brow shaping
  • Brow services in Brisbane

Brisbane Brow Specialists Eyebrow Shaping Hacks

Eyebrows… the frame of the face, the main event, the ever work in progress… when it comes to eyebrow shaping, it’s important to get it right! 

Whether you like them thick and slick, or unkempt and trendy a lot of work goes into securing the perfect brow. Having great brows also does a lot for helping us feel and look confident, so they are worth giving a bit of time and attention to. 

A local EyeLash Pro’s guide to getting the perfect eyebrow shape

We all have different face shapes and proportions so working out where to start when it comes to eyebrow shaping is important. Think about the lines of your face. Eyebrows should generally start in line with the side of your nose, however depending on whether you have wide set eyes or eyes that are very close together you may want to alter the start to line up with the inner corner of your eye – but no further apart than this! Speaking to a professional about your very own perfect brow shaping is a great place to get you started if you’re not that confident about plucking and waxing your own brows.  

The benefits of brow shaping

A great brow shape will frame your face, and when it comes to maintenance keeping brows in check will always make you feel polished. It’s important that you work with what nature gave you to a certain degree and work brows into a shape that truly compliments your face shape as well as your facial features. 

Time it right

Timing is everything when it comes to shaping your eyebrows. Ensure you’re not in a rush and you have plenty of time to get it right. If you’re skin is prone to redness, then pluck your brows before bed so your skin has time to calm down. If time is of the essence book a brow shaping treatment and the cooling gel afterwards will have you looking fab in no time at all! 

Karly Drover, EyeLash Specialists Top Tips For Eyebrow Shaping

So your key takeaways when it comes to achieving the perfect eyebrows… 

  1. Never try to have brows like someone else! Consider your face shape and facial features. 
  2. When it comes to plucking or threading eyebrows, be precise. Precision is key to great eyebrows, as it filling in any colour on the brows. 
  3. Make sure you’re armed with the right tools for the job such as a decent pair of tweezers and the right brushes and pencils for colour. 
  4. After care is key, make sure you either visit a professional for eyebrow treatments or leave enough time before heading out to avoid a reddened brow area. 
  5. Choose your preferred method for eyebrow maintenance whether its plucking, waxing or threading! 
  6. Colour your brows appropriately. If you weren’t blessed with dark brows be sure to speak to a professional about what colour to go for, or you may even want to look at semi-permanent eyebrow colour. 
  7. Use an eye pencil to appropriately line up where your brows should start and finish using the bottom corner of your nose as a guide, all points should be in a straight line up to the beginning of your brow, the corner of the arch and the end of the brow. 

Specialists Brow Services in Brisbane

Book a consultation now for brow services in Brisbane including re-sculpting, styling and semi-permanent brow treatments. Visit our salon in Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane. 

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