Brisbane Beauty Therapist’s Guide to the power of primer

Brisbane Beauty Therapist's Guide to the power of primer

As a local Brisbane Beauty therapist, we’re always getting asked for tips by our clients who are getting ready for a night out in Brisbane or weekend shopping, food and wine on the Gold Coast. One of our top tips for makeup that lasts the day and night is to start with primer. Some will often say ‘What’s that’ and ‘Oh no, I don’t bother with that’ or ‘Who’s got the time?’ when it comes to the mention of using primer before applying makeup. And if you’re one of those people who don’t prime, well, we hate to break it to you, but primer will actually save you time on your makeup in the long-run. 

Planning a day out in Brisbane shopping with the girls? Primers are perfect for people who want to apply make up once a day

For those who like to apply their makeup once a day, in the morning, before heading out to work, or play, or a day with the kids, primer is your best friend. 

For those who sit on the fence about the practice of priming, there’s a few added benefits to applying primer before you slap on your daily foundation… 

Benefits of primer

  • It primes your skin for makeup application
  • A good primer contains SPF which protects your skin from damaging UV light
  • Primer hydrates skin and smoothes
  • Primer makes skin appear more radiant
  • Primer helps your makeup stay put and increases its longevity throughout the day! 

*Top Tip: “If you’re having one of those ‘can’t be bothered’ days when it comes to applying a full face of makeup, applying a little primer all over your face with a lick of mascara will also give you a fresh-faced appearance, whilst also protecting the skin.”

Karly Drover, Beauty, Skin & Eye Lash Specialist

Applying Primer before makeup

In its purest form, those in the know will apply an even layer of primer to skin before applying foundation. A little primer on the eyelids and brow bone will also help keep eyeshadow in place for heavier makeup looks. 

*Top Tip: pat a little into mouth lines and around your nostrils to give concealer a good base and holding power for a bright appearance. 

So, the verdict on primer application before makeup? If a great artist primes their canvas before creating a masterpiece, then maybe you should too! 

Working on your base

The key to great skin or course, isn’t just primer. Regular facial treatments, and professional waxing and brow services will keep you feeling fresh and confident! 

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