Brisbane Beautician’s Guide to Face Oils and How To Use Them

Guide to Face Oils and How To Use Them

There’s a common belief that putting oil on your skin can make it worse, but contrary to this popular belief, it’s quite the opposite. In this article, we discuss why face oils should be your no.1 when it comes to facials, and why the best facials in Brisbane are using face oils. So, how do face oils work to give you radiant, blemish-free skin? 

Why are face oils are so good for your skin?

In this article: 

  • Why opt for face oils
  • How to apply face oils
  • Cleansing with face oils
  • Which oils work best for skincare

Brisbane Beautician’s

Why opt for face oils?

Applying oil to your face as part of a daily skincare routine is a fantastic way to replenish the skin’s natural cleansing system. Using harsh cleaners, face washes and astringents can really strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving pores open to more irritating, spot inducing bacteria. 

How should you apply face oils?

Top facialists swear by daily facial massage, morning and night, in order to keep skin bouncy, wrinkle free and hydrated. With a small amount of facial oil in the palm of your hand, you should aim to work the oil all over your face in circular motions using your hands gently on the skin. 

*Top tip: “Work face oils into your neck and decolletage to keep the skin around your jawline and neck supple and hydrated. A jade roller or two also won’t go a miss to speed up your daily facial massage!” 

Karly Drover, Brisbane Skin, Eye Lash & Brow Specialist

Another way to incorporate oils into your daily skin routine is to apply a few pearl-sized droplets with a pipette before putting on makeup. Oils such as Bio Oil or Olive Oil make for a gorgeous primer before applying foundation. Just be sure to leave it on your skin for a good 30 minutes before your makeup goes on so it has time to work it’s magic. 

Cleansing with face oil

Rather than reaching for bottles of harsh, chemical-laden cleansing lotions, face oils really do come up trumps when it comes to removing makeup at the end of the day. Oil will lightly melt away mascara and foundation while also nourishing the skin. 

Which oils work best for skincare

Skincare, of course, does not come in a one-size-fits-all formula, so when it comes to setting your skincare routine, it’s great to speak to a professional facialist or beauty therapist to determine what type of skin you have. 

*Top tip: always get a list of the products used during a facial to determine what works well for you, and also, what makes you feel really good! 

The more natural the oil you use on your skin, the more nourishing it will be. Some of our favourite oils include Argan and Rosehip for their versatility on skin, hair and nails, and Jojoba for facial oil. 

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